A nuclear bailout in Pennsylvania would cause electricity
rates to go up and force higher costs on ratepayers.
Learn what you can do to prevent a nuclear bailout.

Big nuclear corporations don’t need a bailout!

Citizens Against Nuclear Bailouts (CANB) and its army of advocates are working to make sure Pennsylvanians don’t have to pay more for electricity to bail out already profitable nuclear power corporations!

CANB is a diverse coalition of Pennsylvania citizens, citizens groups, power generators, and energy, business and manufacturing associations that opposes any efforts in Pennsylvania to bail out nuclear power plants on the backs of customers and that would reverse the benefits of Pennsylvania’s competitive energy marketplace.

Pennsylvania has one of the most competitive energy markets in the country, giving ratepayers like you reliable power sources and the ability to shop for affordable electric rates or a plan that best fits your priorities, including cleaner energy sources. But the powerful corporations that own nuclear power plants want guaranteed profits paid for by you, the ratepayer.

Bailouts have already happened in Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, New York and New Jersey, revealing plenty of corporate greed and shady political tactics. Don’t let that happen in Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvanians already said NO to legislation that would have made you pay at least a half billion dollars more in electricity bills EVERY YEAR. But these profitable nuclear corporations refuse to take the hint.

Studies show that the nuclear industry should remain profitable in Pennsylvania for years even with the planned closing of some plants — which could take at least a decade and hundreds of employees to accomplish.

Shareholders and special interests should not be able to pressure your representatives in Harrisburg to increase your electric rates, eliminate electric choice and fundamentally change the way Pennsylvania’s competitive energy markets operate.

We’ve had enough! Sign the no nuclear bailout petition to tell your legislators to stand up for ALL Pennsylvanians and say no to a nuclear bailout.